Fujian Megachurch Plants New Church, With Gap of 120,000 Yuan

A picture of a cross on a stone column
A picture of a cross on a stone column
By Lin MuliMarch 28th, 2023

A church in China’s southeastern coastal Fujian Province plants a new church, raising money to fill the gap. 

Located in the east-central part of Xiangcheng District, Zhangzhou City, Shiting Town was renamed Shiting Street in 2021, with a permanent population of more than 80,000. To share the gospel there, Beimen Church in Zhangzhou planted a new church in Shiting, purchasing a property of about 262 square meters at a cost of about 1.35 million yuan.

To this end, the church launched a two-month special donation activity from March to May to purchase real estate and decorate it with prayers from believers.

As of press time, the church has received loans of 305,000 yuan and donations of 926,700 yuan, totaling 1,231,796 yuan.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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