Wednesday, July 24th, 2024

Father's Day Special: Exploring Men's Ministries in China

As the worldwide church celebrates Father's Day, the importance of fostering strong male leadership within the church becomes ever more significant. The Gospel Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper, has spotlighted a range of innovative men's ministries aimed at empowering and supporting men in their faith journeys.

Roundtable: Changes in Rural Hometown Churches

During the joyous celebration of the Chinese New Year and the return to their hometowns, the editorial team of the Gospel Times had the opportunity to connect with grassroots churches. They discussed the changes observed in hometown churches during the grand festival.

Roundtable: How to Avoid Hollow Faith?

In the post-pandemic era, the phenomenon of a "hollow" faith has raised concern in the pastoral work. Five Christians and pastors share their insights into this issue.
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