Christian Websites Commanded to Delete Mass Religious Keyword Articles

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By Attonoy Li July 26th, 2022

Several Chinese Christian websites were commanded by their servers to delete mass articles that contained religious keywords.

Without the Internet Religious Information Service License that allows online religious content, some Christian websites were blocked throughout last month.

Their servers claimed that the content violated Article 15 of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services which came into effect on March 1, 2022: Religious groups, religious schools, and temples and churches that have obtained Internet Religious Information Services Permits may have religious professionals and teachers from religious schools preach on online platforms, applications, and forums and so forth that they have established themselves, and interpret religious doctrine and rules with content conducive to social harmony, the progress of the times, and healthy civilization, leading religious citizens in patriotism and compliance with laws. Real-name registration is to be implemented for persons participating in preaching.

Those articles which included Christian keywords such as Christ, church, and the Bible must be deleted. After removing articles required to be canceled, some of the websites were accessible again. 

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