EQ Trainer Helps Single Christians, Married Couples

A picture of the family of a male Christian surnamed Zhao
A picture of the family of a male Christian surnamed Zhao
By Zoe Zhang October 7th, 2022

"People who want to move up in their careers, single people who want to find their lovers, lovers who want to get married, couples who want to improve their happiness, and parents who want to have a better parent-child relationship" are the target demographics of the "Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp" taught by Brother Zhao.

Brother Zhao says that there are six classes in the Emotional Intelligence Boot Camp, aiming to let students systematically learn to become a person who is good at communicating and loving.

As a lecturer who teaches others how to manage a happy life, Zhao himself experienced a marital crisis. In 2010, Zhao and his wife had just been married for a year when their relationship was full of tension and they were on the verge of getting a divorce. His wife, who was a Christian by then, allowed them to be separated but invited him to a course of "Gaotai EQ" as a memento. Brother Zhao agreed.

At that time, the participants studied and lived together for four days and four nights, and Zhao (who was not yet a believer at that time) was able to observe closely the lives of several Christian brothers and understand their life journey.

"We shared a room with some of our brothers, and I found that they were all far more brilliant than me and very religious. There was a brother who graduated from Tsinghua University. He had built several listed companies, and he was so humble and devout that he would kneel and pray there when others sit and pray. I wondered what kind of faith would attract such an excellent man. There was another brother who made a local enterprise into a listed enterprise in a very short time. He was also humble and is now a full-time pastor. There was another brother who was serving after studying theology. When I saw them, I became very interested in the Christian faith," Brother Zhao recalled.

Before that, Zhao had read a book about God's ten plagues. He could not understand how God could be so cruel. With this question, he asked a brother who lived with him. The brother patiently explained, "Look, God is full of love. Just think about it. What did he do with the first plague? What did he do with the second plague? Why would he kill the firstborns of Egyptians?" Brother Zhao was suddenly enlightened.

The learning experience changed Zhao's life. After the course, he started to believe in the Lord and reconciled with his wife. Today, they already have three healthy and happy children.

Since his life has changed completely, Zhao hopes to introduce such a great course to people around him, so as to let them know that life is not all beer and skittles. Over the past decade or so, he has become increasingly involved in promoting the Gaotai EQ program.

In addition, he and his fellow workers also organize in-church single fellowship events in different cities to help Christians get out of their single lives, to encourage single believers to build their faith in marriage. Recently, he has been contacting the leaders of the youth fellowship of various churches in Haikou City and plans to hold the event there.

- Translated by Nicolas Cao

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