Testimonies of Christians Students Who Take Admission Test: Experience Peace in God

student's notebooks
student's notebooks (photo: Pixabay)
By Cindy ZhangJune 17th, 2016

For one of the most important tests for the students seeking to get to their dream universities or colleges, students need all the help they can get to get through the exams.

A number of churches held special prayer meetings throughout the period of the Gaokao for testing students and they also offered free water and resting areas for students and parents. Microblogs and WeChat moments were also opened by Chinese pastors and preachers to help these students and pray for them.

In a video that the students shared their grace, three students who have taken Gaokao (National College Entrance Examination) or Zhongkao (Senior High School Entrance Examination) from the church in Hebei shared their experiences and encourage the future students to "commit to God" and "believe in God wholly".

Sister Wen Xuxian, already an undergraduate, said that everyone became anxious before the exam and she was no exception. However, she thanks God that she was able to free herself from anxiety by praying to God and trusting in Him.

She added that her mother prayed for her in silence, different from the parents waiting anxiously before the gate of the school. She also continued to pray to ensure that her emotions remain steady and firm throughout the test and until she learn her scores.

Brother Chen, who finally entered into the ideal high school he wished, thanked the church who prayed for him before the Zhongkao and confesses that he went through the twist to "experience God's power" as his entrance to his school was extraordinary.

He shared that he took Zhongkao with peace by prayer, but he lost his calmness upon knowing his score because it was a bit below the required score of his ideal school. However, he eventually got an admission into the school because the school did not recruit the required number of students.

Sister Li, who studies in a medical college, encourages the Gaokao takers to seek God's face and depend upon God with their whole hearts, sharing her "exam" experience last year.

She said that she was so anxious the whole week before the national college entrance exam to the point that she didn't know what to do. Meanwhile, her family comforted her and helped her relax. However,  she got more worried, fearing that they regarded the exam very important.

"I truly relaxed when I prayed in the praise meeting for Gaokao and Zhongkao." Li said, adding that it was so special that she got touched by God.

She urges Christians who will take the two decisive exams to leave everything to the Lord, saying, "Hope you can find the specific time and place for you to come to God. Choose to believe in God fully and commit this thing wholly to him and believe that His preparation suits you the best. " 

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