Shenyang Shashan Church Offers Free Community Clinic

The Free Medical Clinic
The Free Medical Clinic (photo: Shsshan Church)
By Li MuboNovember 6th, 2015

Recently the Medical Fellowship of Shenyang Shashan Church provided a voluntary clinic for the community near the church.The service covers expert clinic, dental clinic, Chinese massage, blood pressure and blood glucose measurement, disease history inquiry, medicine instruction, health counseling and spreading health care knowledge.

Shashan Church website reports that the clinic, whose theme was to care community seniors, was held in the Hebei community in Heping District, Shenyang. People whose went to the clinic were mainly the elder at the age ranging from 60 to 80.

The Medical Fellowship was founded in June, 2011. It consists of physicians, Chinese physicians, pharmacists of Chinese traditional medicine, dentists, pharmacists, examiners, nurses, recovery massagists and medical college students. Since foundation, it has held over ten free clinics. The fellowship has also visited the patients in bed, brothers after operation, sisters after giving birth in the hospitals and seniors in the aged homes.

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