China’s First Provincial Religious Charity Training Base Inaugural Run in Nanjing

The founding ceremony of the management committee of the training base
The founding ceremony of the management committee of the training base (photo: Amity Foundation)
By Yi YangMay 5th, 2016

The Jiangsu Religious Charity Training Base has finally started its operation on April 29th. The training base is the first of its kind in China and comprises five major religious sects: Buddhism, Islam, Protestantism, Taoism and Catholicism. 

The project was established last November and in its opening ceremonies, the management committee of the Training Base held its first meeting in the Amity Foundation. The members of the committee are comprised by a representative from the provincial united front work department, the administration for religious affairs, the five religious sects, and Amity Foundation. 

The committee aims to build platforms for communication and cooperation between religious charities in the country and explore how they can develop together. 

In the meeting of the management committee, it was Qui Zhonghui, the general secretary of Amity Foundation, which was selected as the director of the entire committee. He introduced the committee’s general rules and their aims for the entire year. Discussions were also held in the meeting regarding the activities of the group. 

According to the members of the managing committee, the training base would work on boosting research regarding charities throughout the country’s provinces throughout the year. 

The members also discussed how training could be done in provinces for religious charity, how members could join the 2016 Amity International Forum of Religions and Development, and to boost charity brands and their key projects. 

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