China NW Border Church Develops in 17 Years, Qinghai

Wind power plant in Qinghai
Wind power plant in Qinghai (photo: Pixabay)
By Josiah LiJune 17th, 2016

Located in Xining, Qinghai, Small Commodity Church has witnessed many trials and successes throughout its seventeenth years since it was established on May 31, 1999.

The church only had a dozen believers, running the business of small commodities in the area. The founders of the church would do business in the day and gather at a brother's home at night to read the Bible, sing hymns and pray together. The church slowly grew and on Christmas 1999, the Church held its first Christmas gathering with the help of a brother church and 120 worshippers took part in the event.

The vision of the founders for the church is very simple: they wanted to construct a holy, united, glorious, and victorious church of Christ that holds on the truth and where members love each other. They also aimed that the church assists in helping believers' spiritual growth to persist and increase training for co-workers; assist the whole congregation to read the Bible and grow by Q&T and fullfil the Great Commandment to preach the gospel.

As time went on, the church held services in a rented house measuring 200 square meters from 2005 to 2008. The church moved to another location after the rented house that stood as their church had to be torn down, staying there for three years.They moved the church to a larger area in June 2012 due to the increasing rent and the limited space of their previous location. The third site was renovated in September 2014 and remains to be the Church's location today.

In terms of its ministry, the church wanted their ministry to assist in making the church appealing to people, open doors for worship, discipleship, and slowly cultivate the ministry to become larger through evangelism. The reception team established within the ministry is the first church ministry established in 2006 and they take care of the Sunday receptions. From 2013 to 2015, the church established the fellowships for the young, middle-aged, and the elderly; as well as a Sunday school called "Home of Rainbow."

Qinghai, Located mostly on the Tibetan Plateau, the province has long been a melting pot for a number of ethnic groups including the Han, Tibetans, Hui, Tu, Mongols, andSalars. Qinghai borders Gansu on the northeast, Xinjiang on the northwest, Sichuan on the southeast, and the Tibet Autonomous Region on the southwest.  

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