Fujian Theological Seminary Graduates Visit Church in Kunshan

By Yi YangJune 22nd, 2016

As part of their graduation rites, 55 graduates from Fujian Theological Seminary visited the churches in Kunshan under the guidance of the seminary president Rev. Yue Qinghua during their two-day graduate trip on June 18 and 19. 

Rev. Yue led the graduates around Kunshan to study the experience and practice of the local CCC&TSPM dealing with the church management, self management, theological thought construction, sinicizing of Christianity and charity work. Rev. Wen Xingui from Kunshan Church shared the practical experience of the church.

On June 19, the team attended the Sunday service in Hongfenglu Church and Rev. Yue delivered the sermon. Later, they visited Xiaohengtang Catholic Church that was established in 1699. They also visited Zhouzhuang Holy Grace Church dedicated just a day ago with the congregation of around 380. 

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