Seminary Sdutents Perform Dramas to Learn Church History

Biblical drama
1/2Biblical drama
Biblical drama
2/2Biblical drama
By Josiah LiJune 30th, 2016

The second-grade seminarians of Heilongjiang Theological Seminary performed The Biography of Jonathan Edwards - the last installlment of the drama series - which speaks about the greatest man in the church history on the evening of June 27.

According to the WeChat account called "Heilongjiang Mount of Olives Theology Base", the seminarians and students majoring in sacred music and "special education" in the second grade played the roles of greatest people in religion including Aurelius Augustine, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther, Albert Schweitzer and Edwards to introduce church history to their viewers.

The school teacher summarized the series play by saying,"We should learn from these servants used by God as to how we can serve according to God's guidance and calling. These mini plays are just the beginning, for God raised up numerous figures like them to write the church's history. No, we're also engaging in the continuation of the ecumenical church history and you and me are the leads. May we be faithful to God's calling and be well equipped on the holy mountain."

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