25th Restoring Anniv. Celebrated for Guangxiao Church of Guangzhou

Guangxiao Church
Guangxiao Church (photo: Guangxiao Church )
By Yi YangNovember 11th, 2016

In order to commemorate the 25th anniversary of restoring the church, recently Guangzhou Guangxiao Church held three Revival Meetings, with a total of nearly 2,000 people attending it.

According to the WeChat public account of Guangxiao Tang, the Revival Meeting specially invited Pastor Wu Zhenzhi, originator of "Hong Kong Chastity Movement" and "Hong Kong Couples Festival", director of Hong Kong David Culture Center, to give a lecture. Pastor Wu, with the titles of "Wife of Christ Covenant" (Malachi 2: 10-15), "Take the Tribute of God?" (Malachi 3: 5-12), "the Curse into Blessing" (Malachi 4: 5-6), advised and encouraged the believers to love the Lord and the husbands to love their wives, single-minded, just like "the Christians loving the church and devoting their lives to the church".

He also persuaded the believers to love their spouses by sharing his own experience of serving the lord and in dealing with the problems occurring during the growth of their three sons and daughters, advising and encouraging the believers to love their spouses because the marriage is set up by the God to make "the husband combine with his wife and become one after leaving their parents. " (Gen. 2:24).

According to the website of Guangzhou TSPM & CCC, the history of Kwong Hau Christian Church dates back to 1921, when China Congregational Church, whose missionary work had produced encouraging results in Guangzhou, bought a piece of land at Guangxiao Road to entrust Pastor Tan Woxin, who had studied in America, to organize the building of a new church. The church’s foundation was laid in December 1921 and the construction was completed in October 1924.

According to Kwong Hau Christian Church, it has been actively preaching the gospel for the Lord over the past 25 years since the church was restored. Initially, there was only one morning worship on the Lord's Day. Nowadays, noon mandarin meeting and night meeting have been added, with about 1,000 worshipers attending the worship service on the Lord's Day each week. Besides, Kwong Hau Christian Church set up various forms of meetings such as prayer meeting, Bible Study Fellowship group, and disciple training.

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