Church Calls on Members for Evangelism in 2017

Believers pray to seek God's will in the new year's plan for evangelism.
Believers pray to seek God's will in the new year's plan for evangelism. (photo: Photo Provided to CCD)
By Yi YangJanuary 19th, 2017

On Jan 15, 2017, Beichen Church of Kunming launches its new year's evangelical plan, appealing its members to preach the gospel to their families, friends and the people around them. About one hundred believers signed up.

The church's official website account introduces that Preacher Li Feng gives a sermon titled "Response to the Calling of Jesus," sharing the importance of evangelism which is the will of Jesus and a mission for every Christian. The preacher mentions that many people turn to their own ways, unaware of their sins, and sins like deception, unfaithfulness, gambling and adultery bind people. She hopes that every Christian can fulfill the Great Commission and save more souls.

After prayer, a large percentage of believers write down their plan for evangelism in 2017.

The church was developed from a gathering site of dozens of believers founded on July 13, 2006. The original gathering held its first Sunday service on Aug 20, 2006, with more than 800 believers from the various local churches in attendance. Currently, it has grown into a church where about 1,000 people attend its services.

One year later, the gathering received a land of at least 10 mu (1.65 acres) allocated by the local authority for their use and started the construction for a new church. The new church was dedicated on August 20, 2016, the church's 10th founding anniversary. 

Translated by Karen Luo

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