South Korean Cult “Living Dew” Rampant in China

A cross in blue light
A cross in blue light
By Christine Lau March 29th, 2021

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the pastoral care of the churches in China and worldwide has been limited. For the safety of believers, churches have started online meetings instead of in-person gatherings. However, cults are more rampant on many network platforms and many believers who cannot clearly identify them tend to fall into their misconceptions.

True Word, an anti-cult ministry in China, recently exposed the evil deeds of the South Korean cult Living Dew in China.

The cult Living Dew or Huolushui was founded by a man of South Korean origin in Guangzhou, China, in 2005. The leader, under the alias of Zhang Baocheng, who is married and 52 years old, claimed to have studied for a doctorate in theology in South Korea for eight years. In fact, he was a missionary in North-Eastern China in the 1990s, but was driven out and moved to Guangdong to continue his missionary work and establish his influence.

The main doctrines of the Living Dew include:

1. Zhang Baocheng, the founder, appoints himself an apostle of Christianity.

2. Zhang keeps preaching eschatology, saying the end of the world will come in 15 years.

3. It declares that anyone who does not follow the Living Dew will not survive the three and a half years of catastrophe.

4. Zhang says robots will take over society in a decade or so, which will lead to a disaster.

5. Zhang keeps saying that China will implant chips in 10 years, and people who accept the chips will have the mark of the beast and will be abandoned by God.

6. It teaches its believers to deposit money in the kingdom of heaven for its master, and also encourages believers to do business by investing in the church, which is actually a fraud.

7. It declares that the world is coming to an end, and children are only burdens, so do not spend money to get married and have children. Believers of both sexes are required to be sterilized.

Believers are not allowed to read sermons by other pastors or theological books, and can only be educated and brainwashed by the backbone of Living Dew. Believers do not have time to think, much less to be close to their families. Believers are exploited and squeezed. If they have money, they will donate it to the Living Dew, even if they lose everything. Believers are also required to have abortions, have sterilizations, get a divorce, and give up their careers and studies.

Zhang Baocheng carried out various projects under the guise of a company, a cooperative joint venture in the name of believers, to defraud believers of their technology and capital. However, believers only invest and do not have the right to operate and manage. Sometimes they will deceive believers by saying that others have cheated them (the company) out of the money, and nothing will eventually be done.

Some believers have committed suicide after listening to the absurd ideas of Zhang Baocheng. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than two suicide cases due to the Living Dew; to be more precise, most likely at least five and above cases! They include believers who committed suicide in despair after being swindled out of money by Zhang Baocheng.

The anti-cult ministry True Word reminds Christians that the Living Dew is a standard cult organization. "There are many victims, so please actively report any suspicious situation; victims are also encouraged to bravely come forward and expose the cult."

- Translated by Sophia Chen

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