In Memory of Wang Youzhen, Deacon of Shanxi Church

The choir members prayed for Deaconee Wang Youzhen from Yaodu District Church, in Linfen, Shanxi, on August 19, 2021.
The choir members prayed for Deaconee Wang Youzhen from Yaodu District Church, in Linfen, Shanxi, on August 19, 2021.
By Zhang XiaohuaAugust 27th, 2021

Deacon Wang Youzhen, a committee member of the Yaodu District Church, Linfen, Shanxi, was called to rest in peace at the age of 86 on the morning of August 17.

The next day, the WeChat group of Yaodu District CC&TSPM, Linfen, Shanxi Province, published the obituary.

A simple memorial service was held that day in a funeral home in Dongcheng due to the restrictions of pandemic prevention and control.

In the service led by Pastor Huang Hailin, more than a dozen members from the liturgical choir, dressed in holy garments, sang hymns such as "My Home is Not Here", "There is a Place", and "Memorial Song". Pastor Wang Shuai read Psalm 116:15, John 11:23, and Revelation 14:13.

Wang's eldest daughter made a speech on behalf of the family, recalling the testimony of the old man's life of dedicated work and service, and his love for God and people.

I have known Deacon Wang for a long time. Born in the old revolutionary base area of Qin County, he started to work at the age of 15. He had been working in an auto parts trading company in Linfen for many years and had been engaged in accounting work for a long time. He was always earnest and responsible at his job and had been rated as an exemplary employee on multiple occasions.

Since his retirement, he had committed himself to serving the church as a financial accountant. He had conducted business training and guidance, made many reasonable suggestions on standardized financial management as well as the establishment of rules and regulations. Serving as a member of the city church committee, he still participated in the conferences in recent years, putting forward many reasonable suggestions for church development despite suffering from heart and lung diseases.  

Supporting the voluntary service of his wife, Wang began to join in the work of the church service group more than 20 years ago. He had done a good reception job in Sunday worship and major festivals, as well as in guarding bicycles. He also trained a large number of young people to participate in the service and to become the backbone of the church service. Later, his wife joined the elderly prayer group, and whenever they went to church, Deacon Wang would ride a tricycle and they both served together.

Besides this, he also dedicated his own home and it became the Jiefang East Road family activity center. He had been serving and doing reception work, reading scripture, praying, visiting, and caring for more than 20 years, which had cultivated a group of enthusiastic and dedicated co-workers. His two daughters also committed themselves to serve full-time in church ministry.

He often learned God's word humbly and took notes carefully every time he listened to a sermon. He was merciful and compassionate,  also often concerned about the life and work of an old colleague’s grandson who is deaf and mute.

- Translated by Stephen Huang

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