Two Fujian Churches Reopen in Late August

Xiamen Zengcuo’an Church in Fujian
Xiamen Zengcuo’an Church in Fujian (photo: Zengcuo’an Church )
By Mark Cui August 31st, 2021

Two Fujian churches issued notices to resume all in-person gatherings in late August.

Xiamen Zengcuo'an Church last Saturday announced the resumption of all onsite activities, including Sunday services, the teaching of the Southern Fujian language, the choir rehearsal, visitations, groups, and fellowships.

Chengguan Church in Pingtan, Fuzhou, reopened on August 30, asking its congregations to show COVID-19 vaccine certificates or the nucleic acid test reports within seven days before entering the church. Others without these proofs were requested to attend its online gatherings at home.

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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