Sichuan, Jiangsu Churches Release Online Worship Schedules in Holy Week

A cross on a mountain
A cross on a mountain
By Ai Mo April 15th, 2022

Following a spike in coronavirus cases, two churches in Jiangsu and one in Sichuan are conducting virtual services during Holy Week.

Dushu Lake Church in Suzhou City, China’s eastern-coastal Jiangsu Province, launched its schedule of online worship activities every day from April 10 to 17, including a prayer meeting on Good Friday and two services on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, which are all to be broadcast live.

In addition to marking Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, Shishan Church in the same city announced to conduct daily morning services from Monday to Saturday, a communion service on Tuesday, and a meditation on the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross.

In the announcement unveiled on its official WeChat account on April 14, Guangyin Church in Chengdu City, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, said it would commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

- Translated by Abigail Wu


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