Effective Preaching: A Solution for Retaining Believers

A picture of the church interior with an opened Bible on the podium
A picture of the church interior with an opened Bible on the podium (photo: Getty Images)
By Li ShiguangMarch 29th, 2024

Once upon a time, the Chinese church was in a golden period of development, with many people joining the church and hardly anyone leaving. However, nowadays, the loss of believers has become a problem facing many Chinese churches.

Reverend Liu, who has long served in a city church in South China, believed that the fundamental reason for the loss of believers lay with pastors and the church and that it was necessary to solve this problem.

He declared that pastors must return to the calling God has given us. "If pastors and ministers cannot live a praying life or diligently study the Bible, preaching will have no power. If the sermon is ineffective, believers will leave."

Nowadays, many Christians are hopping from one church to another to have a look, and in the end, they may choose one church. Looking at many churches, some decide not to go to any church, as the latter may have many problems. So they just listen to sermons online, a bit here and there

According to Liu’s knowledge, the vast majority of Christians still want to establish genuine connections with other believers in onsite churches which may even have problems.

Pastor Liu reminds those believers worshipping online that they couldn’t pray with others in fellowship or serve others in virtual sermons which could also benefit them. Merely hearing a sermon from a pastor could not be sufficient. 

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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