A Letter from Nigah Missions Church in Nepal to Ask Help During COVID-19 Pandemic

The congregation of Nigah Missions Church Kapan in Kathmandu, Nepal met together on March 21, 2020.
The congregation of Nigah Missions Church Kapan in Kathmandu, Nepal met together on March 21, 2020. (photo: Provided by Dev Shrestha)
By Pastor Dev ShresthaJune 18th, 2021

Editor's note: Below is a letter from a pastor of Nigah Missions Church in Nepal. As Nepal is in a difficult situation due to COVID-19, he asked for help to supply preventive medicines to local pastors and church communities at high risk of infection on May 31.

Greetings in Jesus’ Name!

With all due respect, we would kindly like to let you know that the current situation in Nepal is getting so critical because of the effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This is the second wave that is taking away many lives every day. The infected cases are highly increasing and the death rate is also speeding up high. Many families are losing their dear ones. They have become jobless. Even though in the first wave, there were fears among the people, the death rate was very low. But the second wave has been very much deadly. It has brought about a scarcity of oxygen supplies all throughout the country. All the hospitals are crowded; beds are fully packed, have become costly, and the situation seems out of control.

This has greatly affected local churches and ministries all throughout the country. Many churches are losing their pastors, leaders and believers. The city-based churches are becoming empty because many believers who were living in Kathmandu from around Nepal returned to their villages. This situation has had two effects: on the one hand believers took the gospel to their own natives, and on the other hand city churches became empty. And, pastors and church workers who were supported by local churches are now facing high financial challenges. Many families are without internet; this has caused them to remain isolated from the church fellowship.

Unless we are strong enough with immunity power, proper gowns, face-shielding and sanitizing items, we are unable to go out and serve people in churches and communities. We learned a lesson during the first wave, on how to better serve the affected communities. In order to implement this lesson, we indeed need to apply for the preventive medical provisions, as doctors have suggested for people here. The following are the suggested medical supplies to enable us to implement preventive measures:

(1) Zincovit (50mg)

(2) Vitamin C (500mg)

(3) Vitamin D

(4) Ivermectin 3mg

(5) N95 masks.

Ivermectin 3mg is suggested to apply once a week, and the other medicines are suggested to apply daily. We are planning to provide for each individual for 30 days. For this, the pharmacy has estimated the cost at NPR 1050 for each person for 30 days.

We are planning to distribute, firstly, for 200 pastors and leaders of church communities; and secondly, we shall aim to move towards churches and communities that are at high risk of infection. We have almost come to the middle of the needed fund. Therefore, we strongly request you to extend your prayer and possible help for the welfare of COVID-19 threatened families in Nepal!


Mr. Dev Shrestha

Pastor - Nigah Missions Church, Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal

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