Sunday, July 21st, 2024
Article by:CCD contributor: Paul Wu

First Chinese Self-governing Church Founded by Chen Mengnan

There were two approaches used in the independence movement of the Chinese church in the past two centuries. One was led by Western missionaries, who handed over the management of the church to Chinese leaders and encouraged their autonomy in leading the church. Another movement was launched by Chinese Christians, and the pioneer of this movement was Chen Mengnan from Guangdong Province.

Guard against Three Common Scams in Church

One of the common problems facing the Chinese church today is the increase in the number of scam artists who prey upon believers the rampage of scammers. They often pretend to be Christians and blend in the church with other believers.

Chengting Thomas Wang, Father of the Olympic Games in China

More than 100 years ago, many Chinese patriots, including Wang Zhengting, known as "the father of the Olympics in China", took an active part in sports to save the country in order to get rid of foreigners' discrimination of regarding Chinese as "the sick man of East Asia".

Luo Wenzao, the First Chinese Catholic Bishop

In modern times, many Christian churches began the movement of self-governance and self-support. And the most important symbol of church autonomy is to realize the localization of clergy. In fact, as early as the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, some Chinese believers became priests of the church, and Luo Wenzao became the first Bishop of the Catholic Church in China.
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