Beijing, Fujian Churches Announce Plans for Christmas Celebrations

Bejing Gangwashi Church
Bejing Gangwashi Church (photo:
By Zhang MengyueDecember 17th, 2021

A Beijing church and two Fujian churches announced their Christmas worship schedules in mid-December.

On its official WeChat account on December 13, Beijing Gangwanshi Church announced that it would host two in-person sacred music worship services on Christmas Eve and a praise meeting on the evening of Christmas Day, while a Christmas worship service on the morning of December 25 will be live-streamed.   

In accordance with the COVID-19 control and prevention requirements, churchgoers were reminded to get admission passes after the Sunday services on Dec 12 and 19 and to attend the services on the evenings of Dec 24 and 25.

Christmas plans were also released for Zhushu Church in Xiamen, Fujian, and for meeting points subordinate to the church. From Dec 19 to 28, they will hold Christmas Sunday worship services, a Christmas Eve evangelistic meeting with stage plays, and other music worship services.

On Dec 15, the Church of Heavenly Peace in Fuzhou, Fujian, released the plans for its Christmas celebrations, as well as of the ones for the other church and meeting points, including thanksgiving services, candlelight worship services, and Christmas music services from Monday to Dec 31.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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