Three Words Mothers Should Say to Their Children

By Cindy ZhangMay 11th, 2016

Children are gifts from the heavens. Who can create such a wonderful new life for us to love and care for?

In the story 'A Newborn's Conversation with God', a small, helpless child didn't know how to live on Earth. God spoke to him and tells him that He has chosen an angel for him. When the child asked for the name of the angel, God replied "You will simply call her Mommy!"

Mothers are angels for children. Children cannot grow healthy without a mother's love, care and teaching. Mothers do not have "mother's school" to help them learn how to be a mother, they just learn it naturally.

Here are three words a good mother should say to her children every day.

1. 'Mom loves you'

"Mom loves you, do you know this?"

"Do you love me?"

"Do you miss me?"

Moms would definitely ask their kids these questions especially if they haven't seen them for a long time.

Expression of love is not only the demand of moms, but also from kids. Kids who trust their mom's love are courageous to build relationships with others.

2. 'Dad loves you'

Moms can tell her kids that their dads love them as well. Dads often feel embarrassed at home and cannot display their emotions easily in front of their children. Telling kids that dad loves them shows children the respect and love their mom has for their dad. Kids would then be able to grow in a healthy family.

3. 'Jesus loves you'

Although parents gave birth and raised these children, they cannot be there with them for every minute and every second. So who can watch over these children? God of course because it is God who knows the child's future.

Parents should tell their children the importance of the Word of life and help them build their life and know Jesus.

Mothers should tell their children that Jesus loves them more than their parents. Knowing Jesus Christ is a gift these children must be made aware of from the time they were babies to their graves.

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