Fujian Recruits Members for Cantata

Fujian Theological Seminary
Fujian Theological Seminary
By Thomas ZhangMay 3rd, 2023

Fujian Theological Seminary in southeastern China is currently recruiting choir members for its cantata.

Fujian Provincial CC&TSPM issued an announcement on April 21, saying the seminary plans to create a book of a cantata titled Sunday Worship, along with multimedia materials, that is scheduled to be published in 2024. To fulfill this plan, the seminary is inviting Christians from within the province to participate in the large choir.

The announcement states that a total of 72 believers will be recruited, comprising 20 sopranos, 20 altos, 16 tenors, and 16 basses. The seminary has emphasized that the applicants should be adept at staff notation or numbered musical notation and not exceed 50 years of age, although exceptions may be made for those with exceptional professional skills. They are required to be able to independently complete the assigned vocal parts and register before May 8.

The notice reads that those who partake in the recording of this large choir can become members of the Foreign Affairs Sacred Song Choir of Fujian Provincial CC&TSPM without the need for an audition.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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