Christian Businesswoman Helps Believers by Providing Jobs, Training

A heart-shaped wooden plate labeled as 'support' is on the hands.
A heart-shaped wooden plate labeled as 'support' is on the hands. (photo: Getty Images)
By XiaozuoAugust 25th, 2023

There are many ways to express love, such as interceding for and visiting church members who are in difficult situations, or providing financial assistance when needed to help them through a rough time.

In one church, we met a female believer who teaches people how to fish instead of just giving them fish.

This female Christian surnamed Xu owns a business and also participates in church ministries such as visitation and preaching. Xu's family was of average means in the beginning, but as she and her husband gained experience and seized opportunities in their hard work, they were able to start a business after meeting a "life changer," which has grown into a large enterprise in only about ten years of development.

Xu has long been providing regular financial support for the education of children from poorer families and has helped other church members in need by giving them money and goods. When she goes on visitations, she also prepares gifts at her own expense.

In addition, Xu often looks for or provides jobs for some of the church members who are unemployed. Since her company is a joint-stock company, she stepped down from the management after it developed, so it is actually not easy for her to find and give someone a job in her company.

Also, since the jobs Xu offers are either technical or management positions, she makes sure that there are good teachers to teach the newly hired believers technical and management skills.

With her help, some church members are working again and have learned skills that will last a lifetime. A few days ago, I talked to a male believer who left Xu's company for another company. He said that because he was well trained in both technical and management aspects at Xu's company, he became very popular with other companies and was offered much higher salaries. Seeing such growth in these Christians, Xu is very pleased.

Not only can she help these believers financially and spiritually, but she can also provide them with livelihood skills and opportunities for further development so that they can provide for their families with their own skilled hands and even earn more than enough.

Churches should learn from Xu's example to teach their members "how to fish" instead of just giving them "fish"-and help their members experience God, be equipped, and grow.

(This article was originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a Christian in Jiangsu.)

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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