140 Students Graduated from Shandong Theological Seminary

Commencement in Shandong Theological Seminary
Commencement in Shandong Theological Seminary (photo: CCC&TSPM)
By Pheobe Zheng July 6th, 2016

A total of 140 graduates have earned the bachelor's degree in theology, sacred music or completed the one-year volunteer program this year in Shandong Theological Seminary.

The commencement exercises was held in the seminary's chapel on the morning of July 1 and a number of pastors gave their advices and encouragement to the graduates. 

Rev. Wang Mengkun - who works in the seminary - read the list of the graduates and  encouraged them to continue listening on the call of the Lord, serving with zeal and have the concept of seeing the big picture; as well as continue to learn lessons on humility and obedience.

In the commencement exercises, 40 graduates replied together with the praise Song "Here am I. Send me."  

Besides these graduates who graduated on July 1, 34 students have graduated from Yanjing Theological Seminary earlier this summer, 8 of them have obtained a bachelor's degree in theology. 

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