Two New Rural Churches Dedicated in NE China

The church in Xiushuihezi Town
The church in Xiushuihezi Town
By Cindy ZhangNovember 3rd, 2016

In September, two newest rural churches were dedicated in Shenyang, Liaoning.

On Sept. 27, Teacher Feng Yumei , who leads Shilihe Church located in Hong District, shared the church development in the dedication ceremony. She said that the original church was dedicated in 2001. After fifteen years, it became old-down, suffering from a water leak with worn-out doors and windows.

Feng was introduced to serve in the church in November 2015 when there were just a dozen of believers left and the Eastern Lightning cult abducted the former more than 20 members. She and the rest members prayed that God could renew the church. 

In April 2016, they started to renovate the church and planted about 500 tree saplings outside it. A sister donated a fund to support the decoration and even a senior at some sixty or seventy years old engaged in the construction. The fitment was completed in the middle of August.

Another church dedication took place in Xiushuihezi Town, Faku County, on Sept. 12. Founded in 2001, the church previously gathered in a house with an area of roughly 100 m2. It became old over time, which might affect the services.  

Jiang Liyan, in charge of the church, led the church staff and the congregation to reconstruct the structure on the same spot.

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