Chinese Christians Pray Earnestly for Rev. Kou Shaoen, Diagnosed with Lymphoma

Kou Shaoen
Kou Shaoen
By Grace ZhiDecember 30th, 2015

Diagnosed with lymphoma on Dec. 21. Rev. Kou Shaoen says God gave him the peace on this bad thing, and he parys the will of God will be done on him. Kou Shaoen is the youngest son of Rev. Kou Shiyuan who founded the Home of Christ in Taiwan. 

Rev. Kou is famous in Chinese Christians. Chinese Christians pray earnestly for Rev. Kou and recommend cure methods to him. On Dec. 28 and 29, Microblog "Happy Pastor---the Grace Road of Kou Shaoen" published three letters Kou wrote in the hospital: "Mark of grace---A Letter in Illness", "Mark of Grace---the White Christmas" and "Mark of Grace---Pain and no Pain are Both Grace."

Kou shares in the first letter that he feels being loved by Christians those he never meets. They fast, pray and watch for him. In the second letter he says, on Christmas Eve, a chef couple brought sweet dishes to him as a present God gave him. In the third letter Kou thanked God for being not painful while if there would be pain he believes that God would grant him sufficient grace to face it.

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