Wuxi Christian Church Conducts Anti-Heresy Activities

Pastor Zhang Peifu speaks in the lecture
Pastor Zhang Peifu speaks in the lecture (photo: Wechat account: Wuxi Church)
By Yi YangApril 11th, 2017

Wuxi Christian Church hosted a lecture on March 26 themed "Learn the Truth and Resist Heresies."  Pastor Zhang Peifu was the keynote speaker, and more than 600 people attended, including believers and all the volunteers of the church.

According to the church, Zhang analyzed six aspects of heresies: definition, danger, characteristics, methods to distinguish them, laws and regulations for handling cult-related issues, and perspective on contemporary cults. The church also had information boards outside the church for people to study. Ushers were further arranged to send anti-heresy flyers to believers after the lecture.

The anti-cult office of Wuxi has been working with the city's Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs since March 2017. Various religious groups have also disseminated anti-heresy information via the internet to religious circles and believers this year. Relevant departments have printed 200 thousand copies of a "Letter to the citizens" and 1,500 posters in order to help believers distinguish cults from authentic religion.  They are also planning to prevent the immersion of believers in cults from religious venues and build a consensus amongst religious leaders in combating heresy through various programs and events.  The information has been posted and shared amongst believers and in the venues in hopes of extending awareness regarding the "Anti-heresy of Wuxi."

On August 31, 2014, Wuxi Christian Church hosted an activity introducing and analyzing the "Almighty God" cult, introducing its origin, development and danger. It discussed how to distinguish heresies and cults easily. The church had also made 16 display boards with the contents of the activity.  Further, pastoral workers answered questions on site through a platform set up for that purpose called "Truth Info."  They also innovated in form to explain heresies.  The church disseminated the contents to different districts, meeting places, and study groups.  They adapted questionnaires forms to determine how well the believers understood the issue.  The entire activity lasted one month.

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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