Easter Thanksgiving Worship Service of Jiujiawan Protestant Church in Xinjiang

Pastor Wang Wenjun preached a sermon in Jiujiawan Church on April 21, 2019.
Pastor Wang Wenjun preached a sermon in Jiujiawan Church on April 21, 2019. (photo: WeChat account: Jianghe )
By Song Xinfang (from Wechat)April 29th, 2019

On April 21, 2019, the Jiujiawan Church celebrated Easter with gratitude and joy. On the morning of the Lord's Day, brothers and sisters came to the church early, with joyful smiles, they greeted each other with "Happy Easter" and "The Lord gives you peace ! "

In the melody of "The Lord's Resurrection" sung by a worship team, preachers, hosts, priests and brothers and sisters in order walked into the church with lily on hand, then the whole congregation sung "The Resurrection of Christ".

The evangelical minister Wenjun Wang started sermon by citing the story of Luke 24:1-12, "Jesus Christ was resurrected": when in sorrow and disappointment, the women heard the angels' announcement; while in confusion and despair, the disciples heard the good news of the Lord's resurrection so they went from sorrow to joy, from despair to hope, and because of the Lord's resurrection, these people were no longer lost. Instead, they started to testify the Lord boldly and even died for the Lord.

During the service, other hymns sung were "It's A Great Day", "Glory Belongs to the Lord ", "The Lord Lives in My Heart" and "Forever and Ever". The seniors worship choir sung "We Live Because of Him" and "Thanks to the Lord's Resurrection."

To date, the 2019 pilgrimage was led by the Urumqi Christian Council in Xinjiang. During the 40-day Lent, the church preached biblical truth daily with the key theme of "celebration, meditation and follow the Lord".

-Translated by Jake


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