CCC&TSPM to Gather Original Hymns for New Collection

A hand of a person is writing.
A hand of a person is writing.
By Ai Mo March 8th, 2021

CCC&TSPM issued a notice on Thursday on its website to collect original hymns for the compilation of a sinicized hymnal.

In a bid to encourage Chinese believers to create more and better chorales, and also promote the Sinicization of hymns, CCC&TSPM(China Christian Council & Three-self Patriotic Movement) decided to edit and publish a new hymnal created by Chinese indigenes with Chinese rhythm for worshipping and gathering.

The state-approved umbrella organization for Protestant churches said they would establish a team to gather and arrange the works, which should be original and reflect Chinese taste. The deadline for submission is the end of June.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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