Chinese Worship Music Website Closes Down Due to ‘Force Majeure’

Lv Xiaomin
Lv Xiaomin (photo: Sing 4 Jesus Ministry)
By Grace Song March 27th, 2023, a popular website for worship music among Chinese Christians, has ceased operations due to "force majeure."

"Due to force majeure, all services on this website will be closed from now on. Thank you for your support all along the way. Goodbye!" said the notice signed on March 22, available on its main page. used to be the largest worship music website in China, offering thousands of traditional and modern Christian songs in Chinese and English for online play. Its mission was to "spread the gospel through hymns and assist Christians in developing intimate relationships with God." According to a user, the phone app called Zan (meaning "praise" in Chinese) has been out of service for over a year.

Since the release of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services in March 2022, is not the first Christian service that has fallen victim to "force majeure." Last April, Jona Home, a Christian website that had been in operation for 21 years, announced its permanent closure "for reasons known to all." Last June, an Christian online book store, Baojiayin, launched an out-of-print book sale and indicated that these books were made out of print due to policy reasons.

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