Worship Worker Shares Growth During Decade's Ministry

The dance team of Wuxi Church in Jiangsu presented a program during a Thanksgiving worship service held on November 22 or 24, 2022.
The dance team of Wuxi Church in Jiangsu presented a program during a Thanksgiving worship service held on November 22 or 24, 2022. (photo: Wuxi Church)
By Li ShiguangMarch 8th, 2023

A worship leader shared that during these ten years of worship service, what has improved are not only his worship-leading skills but also his state of mind.

A male believer named Zhao Wei went to study in a worship school after he left his parents when he was very young. After graduation, he participated in a worship ministry in East China. He shared the journey of his heart over the past ten years with the Christian Times, an online Chinese Christian newspaper.

The narrative is in the first person.

I have changed after so many years of service. In the past, I sometimes even thought of myself as God. A man once came up to me and asked for my assistance because his child had failed the exam at the worship school. In the past, I would say, "No problem; I will talk to the president."

However, this is no longer the case. I would ask, "What was your motivation for studying? Why did you want to learn to worship even when you didn't pass the test?" Then I would end up saying, "I'm sorry, I can't do that." Because I don't think I'm God, who is great. We serve God, not anyone else, and we don't need to please the people.

Chinese people actually have many difficulties with teamwork. I have also participated in the service of many teams over the years, but I find it difficult. Almost every team has problems with coordination and cooperation.

When I was serving in a team, there were more than a dozen full-time worship workers who were paid and well-treated. Every evening after the gathering, I would buy midnight snacks for them, but then I found that they were getting more and more dissatisfied. For example, when we got 500 yuan after training others, I gave all the money to them. For example, each one had 100 yuan, but I didn’t keep any. I thought I was doing the best I could, but they felt they deserved to receive the food and the money, and even some people were discontent.

A pastor advised me not to feel responsible for other people's problems. A member who got 100 yuan was not satisfied, thinking 100 yuan or 200 yuan was not too much. The pastor said it was his problem, not mine. He let me not take on his problem and blame myself because I didn’t love or serve him enough.

The pastor asked me to do what I should do and not get involved in other people's problems. His words help me in my subsequent service, even the current service.

When I just came back to serve in my hometown, some people said that I was too young to do well.  I thought I had the time and energy to do more things when I was young. They pointed the finger of blame at me and didn’t do anything, saying that I couldn't complete it. I didn’t think these Christians were doing the right thing.

Therefore, now I hope to move forward in harmony with many staff members. It is hard to develop well when we work alone or in individual teams. I do not believe that one person can fulfill the Great Commission.

Each person is uniquely gifted by God. If a church leader is broad-minded, he doesn’t focus on other church workers’ abilities but cares about whether they serve God or the church faithfully. If a leader is open-minded enough to accept people, the church can continue to revive and develop.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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