Chinese Priest suggests proper response to a Christian affair

Pastor Kou Shaohan
Pastor Kou Shaohan (photo: Gospeltimes)
By Mubo LiSeptember 29th, 2015

"Stop and turn to God, repent and confess, the commitment to bear, to pray for forgiveness and to forgive." The suggestions to people who had an affair are to stop no whether which stage you are in and you have to restore the relationship with God, come to God sincerely and repent.

If you repent sincerely, God will forgive you and you can enjoy the peace from God continually. However, you need to bear the consequences. Such as to pray for the spouse's forgiveness which need time, or he\she may choose not to forgive; you also need to deal with the dispute with the third; also need to face the people's accusation.

No matter what kind of problems, only get God's forgiven, you will have the strength to face. Face the problem, rather than evade or transfer.

There are also suggestions on the hurt part. Pastor Kou says that if one is willing to repent, another person show your forgiveness. After all, the two both have the responsibility on marriage problems. Just as the Lord Jesus on his forgiveness to forgive others, if the other side is determined to continue to commit a crime, then the hurt part can choose to divorce, the church should accept the Divorce Act.

For the church, Pastor Kou believes that if the offender sincerely repent, then the church should accept him; if the offender insists on  his\her own way, then the Church needs to stop him serving in the Ministry if cannot get him\she out of the church.

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