Christian Volunteers Conduct Survey On AIDS-Caring on Christmas Eve, Shanghai

Christian Social Care work
1/2Christian Social Care work(photo:
Members of the fund send questionnaires and gifts to pedestrians in a subway station
2/2Members of the fund send questionnaires and gifts to pedestrians in a subway station(photo:
By Elsie HuDecember 29th, 2016

On Dec. 24, 2016, some members of AIDS Care Fund of the Shanghai Charity Foundation, dressed up as Santa Claus, distribute questionnaires on AIDS along with gifts to passers-by in Shanghai. Initiated by the founder, Bian Bingbin, the survey covers respondents' acceptance to AIDS patients, views on AIDS, understanding of routes of AIDS transmission and whether they are threatened with AIDS virus.

One of the Christian volunteer claims that they conduct the survey on Christmas Eve in order to arouse attention to AIDS and help people to know more about AIDS prevention and treatment. Bian, the board director, tells ChristianTimes that his intention to launch this survey is to trigger public discussions on AIDS and know Chinese's basic attitude toward AIDS patients. Then the fund will take measures to fight against the disease based on the information.

According to Bian, 70% of the respondents are willing to answer questions, including doctors, educators, housewives, the post-90s, and seniors. Among them, some aged people and the post-90s give 100% support to this investigation. However, thirty percentages of the respondents refuse to fill in the questionnaire and the majority of this group are married, around the age of 30. "This shows that they may face heavy pressure in their life... They are circled by their families, ignoring society... You can conjure up the whole situation through this circumstance... " Bian says.

He adds that the survey result will be announced on Jan 1, 2017, while the Christian team is expanding the survey right now. 

Last World AIDS day, a fund to help AIDS patients and care the medical staff who are fighting against AIDS was established by the Shanghai Charity Foundation.  Bian Bingbin, who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer five years ago, on behalf of individual contributors, donated 500,000RMB ($78,160) to the first fund for AIDS in Shanghai.

Translated by: Karen Luo 

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