Church of Jiangxi Distributes Student Grants to the Miao

Quartet presented by Miao believers
Quartet presented by Miao believers
By Grace ZhiOctober 10th, 2016

On October 3, the youth fellowship of Gospel Church of Ji'an visited the Miao villagers in Xingqiao Town of Jizhou District, distributed student grants and clothes donated from some believers to the ethnic minority. 

Early in the day, the Miao believers and children gathered in their church built of adobe. The church staff said that in the early 1990s, the Miao believers who couldn't have enough food in Guizhou move to Jiangxi for a living. In 1991, they resided around Yongxi County and five years later, they came to Huqiu and started to make a living by contracting the locals' farmlands. They took the joint effort to build adobe houses and stayed there. A brother of the Miao people gave his home to be the church. 

Inside the church it is dim despite the light on and the spots of sunshine which falls from the crack between the roof and the wall. They worship and praise God jointly at the space in front of the church. The youth fellowship performs praise exercises and dances with the Miao children regularly. 

Besides these instances, the children of the Sunday school of the Miao church present hymns Thank You Jesus in both Chinese and Miao language. 

Later in the event, 16 students received the grants for the semester, one of whom is the first to attend a university. There are 32 Miao households with fifty or sixty children in the area. "Education is an important issue."

A campus of Hong Kong Baptist Church has agreed to help these Miao students go to school by one-to-one donation which any brother or sister would do and aid a Miao child with money. Gospel Church has been responsible for collecting their material and the fund distribution since 2010. 

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