Church Building Completed in 6 Months by a Century-Old Miao Church

The believers of Baobaozhai Church construct the church building
The believers of Baobaozhai Church construct the church building (photo:
By Yetta YaoNovember 1st, 2016

Baobao Village Church was founded in 1904, under the management of East Side Church of Gebu. Its first church building was built at the foot of Yumao Mountain in Xiaohaizi, and the construction was led by Joseph Lee and Elias Zhu.

In 1913, Mr. Paul Zhang came back to Baobao Village after studying Holy Bible at the Holy Bible School in Anshun started by Dang Juren, and he nurtured a group of knowledgeable and literate preachers. Finally, the church was moved to Baobao Village. After the Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee, the Church joined Three-Self Patriotic Movement.

In 2001, Church brothers and sisters tore down the old thatched cottage and built a new reinforced concrete church, which could contain 200 people, with supports from relative government departments. But after a short time the church became a dilapidated building due to the sunken foundation, so believers moved to Xiaohaizi Branch for gatherings.

In 2012, Church staff decided to build another church after research. According to Church Pastor Li Lin, believers donated over 2000 kg of rice, over 300 kg cured meat and over 3000 people volunteered during the 6-month construction.

It is reported by Miao Culture Web that on 2012 Oct 27, the main church of Baobao Village in Hezhang County's Miao and Yi Ethnic Township held its opening ceremony.



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