What's Christmas Appeals to Newcomer?

A choir of a church in Xi'an prepares for the upcoming Christmas in a rehearsal
A choir of a church in Xi'an prepares for the upcoming Christmas in a rehearsal (photo: Li Hongchang )
By CCD Contributor: Samuel December 9th, 2016

In the recent years, many churches in Henan attach importance to evangelism on Christmas. Last year over 20 seekers decided to accept Jesus after hearing the sermon in the evangelistic meeting in my hometown. However, those new converts disappeared after that Christmas since the church cared them less, busy with other stuff. There were only several conversion cards left on the church desk.

This was not an accidental mistake of one church. Many churches are blind to the importance of shepherding seekers. Churches hold Christmas events to preach the gospel, while they fail to care and follow seekers. Thus all the previous efforts are wasted.

Below are three steps to follow Christmas newcomers and let them grow:

1. Build relationships with them

Hospitality is the traditional virtue of the Chinese people, also contributing to harmonious relations. Churches pay the price of preparing programs and holding evangelistic meetings to preach the gospel to the lost. 

So show hospitality to newcomers whether in evangelistic rallies on Christmas or in normal services. Actually, some churches struggle to reach this: nobody welcomes newcomers, which is really embarrassing. Instead, pastors and believers should greet and care seekers by giving them a cup of tea or offering seats.

Winning trust in a relationship with seekers really matters, because we want to evangelize them, rather than sell to them. Therefore, don't let them feel that we persuade them to join in an organization but help them know God with sincere hearts.

2. Visit and care them

It's crucial to visit seekers after they have converted to Christianity. More than calling them, we shall pay home visiting, going into their life and knowing them. Care and help them. Get to know if there is any difficulty or something that discourages them from believing in God.

The Bible tells us, "Be sure you know the condition of your flocks, give careful attention to your herds." (Proverbs 27:23) It teaches that we should treat seekers seriously with care. We should not only show concern for their families but also know their spiritual states. Let newcomers feel friendly in the church and that there's no difference regardless of social status.

3. Train them with truth

There goes a saying among the elderly: you should give birth to children as well as raise them. Likewise, churches are responsible for evangelism coupled with shepherding seekers. The conversions of seekers are just the beginning of the church's work.

We can arrange one or two specific meetings for seekers in a week for new converts are easy to be led. They can eat, discuss faith and learn courses about faith together.

Don't be in a hurry to their growth. New converts need to be trained slowly. Church pastors should be responsible, faithful and wise stewards who care the flocks of God. I believe that the labor won't be not in vain.

Translated By: Karen Luo

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