Pastor: When You Repent before Christ, You Will Experience Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh, the senior pastor of the SaRang Church in South Korea, gave a sermon titled "Day of the Lord" in early August, 2021.
Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh, the senior pastor of the SaRang Church in South Korea, gave a sermon titled "Day of the Lord" in early August, 2021. (photo: SaRang Church)
By Christine Lau August 31st, 2021

A megachurch pastor urged Christians to face the Day of the Lord with a thankful heart and come to the Lord Jesus with true repentance to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  

Recently, the Chinese Worship Ministry of Korean Sarang Church released a sermon title"The Day of the LORD" by Rev. Dr. Jung-Hyun Oh, the senior pastor of the Korean SaRang Church. Oh focused on Zechariah 12, explaining what the "Day of the Lord" is, and also reminded us to face the Day of the Lord with a thankful heart because of our Lord Jesus, hoping that we will come to Him with true repentance and receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

He said, "God is the creator and the protector, He is the God who rules our souls, and the pioneer and perfecter of faith. The last days are set by Him, so we call that day “the day of the LORD”. In the Old Testament, it was mainly associated with judgment, while in the New Testament, it refers to the day when Lord returns. Therefore, it alerts us to prepare for the last judgment, as well as for the second coming of the Lord."

"If we are not alert enough to be prepared for that day, it will come as a day of calamity. If we keep our lamps ready, that day will be a day of blessing. This means that on the day of the LORD God will give the cup of His own wrath to the enemies against His people, and leave those enemies in destruction. God will make Jerusalem a heavy stone, and all those who lift it up will be seriously wounded. He will make Jerusalem a heavy stone to all the nations that attack the church of God and treat the people of God bitterly. He will make all those who drive and ride and shout mad, and terrify all the horses, making them blind."

Pastor Oh continued, "God will look on His people and blind their enemy. ‘I will no longer hide my face from your sufferings’, says God. What does the Hebrew Bible say when it uses the active voice on the word 'look on'? God will make Jerusalem a cup of intoxication and a heavy stone and make the riders and the horses frightened and frantic. He will look upon Judah. Praise be to Him who uses us ‘like a firepot in the woodpile, like a flaming torch among sheaves. God's covenant with His people will make them a blazing fire that will consume all the schemes and iniquities of the enemy."

Zechariah 12:8 claims, "On that day the LORD will shield those who live in Jerusalem so that even the feeblest among them will be like David." The word "feeblest" here is used in the superlative form in the Hebrew language, which means "the weakest".

The Korean pastor explained, "God will make us spiritual descendants of David, and fill us with all His peace, victory, power and healing through Jesus Christ - the representative of David's descendants and the Redeemer. How wonderful this is! To know that this is a blessing from God when we believed in Him, and to understand the mystery that 'the living Word of God is freely given to us' is the most significant thing in our lives."

"When Jesus was crucified and died, God's people mourned and grieved for the piercing of the Lord's rib." Pastor Wu said, "May we always remember that our sins, our weaknesses, and our failings pierced the Lord, and may we all have true repentance within us. The way we grieve and mourn is to grieve as if we had lost our only beloved son. By doing so, when we come to the Lord in repentance and re-examination, we will experience V-day!"

He concluded, "The day of the Lord does not end with gloom, judgment, pain, hurt, or destruction. Rather, it ends with healing and restoration through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us. What a thing to be grateful for! May God open our spiritual eyes to understand that this is the grace He has poured out. Abba Father, may You destroy all enemies in all areas of our lives, and may the Holy Spirit be poured out on our hearts and fill our souls with anointing and longing!"

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