Joyful Songs and Dances to Celebrate Christmas

A part of a Christmas tree
A part of a Christmas tree (photo:
By Phoebe SunDecember 29th, 2023

As the winter solstice had just passed, this coastal city had a damp and cold air that was peculiar in southern China at night. The church was a short distance from the subway station. Following a short stretch of the busy main road, I entered an industrial park and arrived in front of an office building that didn't appear to be related to the church. Indeed, the church was in this office building.

"The King of Peace came into the world humbly... The baby is a majestic king. Jesus was born to bring love and hope.” The party kicked off with several chants of thanksgiving for Christmas under the direction of the worship team.

Security personnel were stationed at the entrance for order maintenance. Two more sisters greeted the visitors to the Christmas party that night at the door, dressed uniformly with the church staff emblem. When the guests walked in, they were greeted with a simple and loving "ping‘an (peace in Madarian)."

After the hymns, there was a self-monologue-style video introduction about who God is.

The following was a skit about Lucy, a money-obsessed girl who was used to being in relationships for money and repeatedly getting rid of partners to be married. Her "bestie" and her bestie's husband deceived Lucy, who yearned for wealth, good looks, and true love in a relationship, and deeply hurt her. Deep in pain and madness, she met a Christian. With the warm companionship and guidance of the truth, Lucy's life was turned around in the endless cycle of hurting others and being hurt, becoming a person willing to care for and serve others sincerely.

Subsequently, four gray-haired aunts and old nannies in red costumes made a festive appearance. With the merry beating of gongs and drums, they festively explained the meaning of Christmas during their three-and-a-half-sentence performance.

Additionally, there was a musical "Listen Quietly," which started with a passionate dance. At the climax, the leader suddenly fell to the ground, and others froze on the stage. Here came the actors in white at the rear of the stage, singing the hymn "Listen Quietly" and dancing with sign language to the beat. The dancers gradually awoke and joined the sign language dance.

During the musical “Coming Home,” actors sang and danced about the changes in their lives. Even after believing in the Lord, their life as Christians was not always easy. Due to human weakness and limitations, some had fallen into debt crises, marital problems, anxiety, and temptations. With the support of spiritual partners, they have all been able to break free from bonds and gain true freedom.

Concluding the joyful evening party, the pastor welcomed the new visitors with Christmas gifts and greeted all the guests with warm wishes.

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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