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A picture of a Bible study group
A picture of a Bible study group (photo: Canva.com)
By Man ManFebruary 21st, 2024

On January 27, our Bible study fellowship recapped the Bible study for 2023, which will resume following the Spring Festival.

Due to the pandemic, our studies were not carried out all the time in 2023. Fortunately, the fellowship endures after the pandemic period. Although some members have fallen behind, others are sticking around, and there are some new active members.

A Christian woman, Sister L, lives in the same community as me. She is in her forties and has been serving behind the scene and attending Bible studies. In 2023, her child was admitted to a high school in the city area. To care for her child, she temporarily withdrew from the Bible study fellowship. But what touched me most was that whenever she returned to the neighborhood, she would attend the Bible study. She stated that every Bible study was fulfilling, and she would like to participate in such fellowship as often as possible. However, it is not convenient for her to join consistently now, but she keeps attending Sunday worship while she is not in the neighborhood.

Sister C, whose work time extends until the afternoon of Saturday, joins us for Bible study right after work. She insists on arriving on time for the fellowship, even though her workplace is a 40-minute drive away from the church and her off-work time is unfixed.

Sister Z, who is about thirty years old, has just joined us this year. She has a bachelor's degree and a nice job with a reasonable salary. She is very eager for the Scriptures, always well-prepared, and takes lengthy notes during each Bible study.

Another Christian woman, Sister W, has a junior college degree and lives a comfortable life. Her advantage is that she always thinks uniquely and is active in asking questions. Her earnest dedication to Bible study led to an increase in the number of questions raised. She is also quite warm-hearted and has shown a desire to help the study group several times. She donated fruit and snacks for the recap day.

Under the impact of different causes, the fellowship often has only about 20 attendees, with a maximum of 30. Some would like to join us, but the circumstances do not allow it. But the eagerness of these few people struck me greatly. Although I lead them in Bible study, they are also impacting my keenness for the Bible and my attitude toward service.​​​​

(The article was originally published by the Gospel Times and the author is a preacher in Jiangsu Province.)

- Translated by Poppy Chan

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