WCC Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation to Convene in Korea

A Korean hymnal
A Korean hymnal (photo: Paul Jeffrey/Life on Earth)
By World Council of ChurchesJune 21st, 2024

The World Council of Churches Commission on Education and Ecumenical Formation will convene in Seoul, South Korea, from 24-29 June, to plan and envision the commission’s work for the next eight years. 

The commission—in collaboration with member churches, other churches, ecumenical partners, academic institutions, and networks—aims to foster the understanding and practice of ecumenical learning. The commission also supports the churches' ministry of ecumenical education and formation within the Christian community and the world; and promotes ecumenical theological education and ministerial formation, helping churches and their congregations to be inclusive learning communities.

It also forms ecumenical leaders, both clergy and lay, for service in parishes, classrooms and ecumenical centres around the world through the Ecumenical Institute at Bossey.

The commission reflects on and responds to emerging educational needs and developments.

During the meeting, commissioners will establish and reflect on the vision of the commission; reflect on the commission’s name; and plan and implement two working groups.

The commission will also be immersed in Korean spirituality, experiencing the life and witness of the churches in Republic of Korea; and explore the Yonsei University of Seoul.

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