Three Churches Reopen After Outbreak Subsides

Bejing Gangwashi Church
Bejing Gangwashi Church (photo:
By Zhang MengyueDecember 1st, 2021

Three churches in different provinces announced the continuations of in-person gatherings recently.

On its official WeChat account on November 27, Ximen Church in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, stated the resumption of three Sunday morning services from November 28.

The next day, Urad Front Banner Church in Bayan Nur City, Inner Mongolia, issued a notice, saying it would restart the morning prayer meeting on November 29 and all face-to-face services and gatherings would resume from December 5, which is a Holy Communion Sunday. Churchgoers are reminded to wear masks, scan their Travel History Codes, and have their temperatures taken when entering the church.

On the same day, Beijing Gangwashi Church announced that it would hold four in-person Sunday services from December 5 and believers should book their seats via phone, WeChat, or on the spot.

Though all onsite activities were suspended since October 27 due to COVID-19, the church gradually reopened in accordance with the current restrictions when the pandemic situation stabilized.

- Translated by Abigail Wu

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