Registered Churches Start to Self-Build Website or APP as Religious Regulations Required

Writing an article on the Internet
Writing an article on the Internet (photo: Pexels)
By Anthony Li October 11th, 2022

A large percentage of Chinese TSPM churches start to build their own website or application, as China’s new religious information law required.

Article 15 of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services which came into force on March 1 stipulates that churches must explain the teachings and regulations on their self-built online platforms.

Although many official churches have obtained the Internet Religious Information Service Permit, some of their articles and notifications released on WeChat have been deleted. Thus, a great number of churches start to build their own website or develop their own application.

An application named “Hangzhou Church” has been released, providing news services, live broadcasting church services, and website customization. It also supports other church workers to publish their own messages. All the functions work under real-name management.

The registered church in Lanzhou, Gansu Province has its own website called “Christianity in Lanzhou”. Lanzhou TSPM said on WeChat on September 21 that users will go directly to the website when clicking the Sunday worship message. The website also runs under real-name registration.


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