Miracle of Church Growth from 6 to 200 Members

Yongguang Church in Shenyang, Liaoning
Yongguang Church in Shenyang, Liaoning
By Wu ZhongyiJune 28th, 2023

A single church located in Liaoning started small with just six believers, but has since thrived, expanding impressively to comprise a congregation of more than 200 members. They have also upgraded from a rundown chapel to a grand three-story Gothic structure.

Despite the Yongguang Church’s insufficiently organized start, having lost seven church leaders (pastors), they now boast a team of 27 pastoral staff, a financial department, and a full operatinal choir.

The church is located in the rural outskirts of Shenyang, and most of its members are earning their living by farming, although a few are city residents.

During my interview with Pastor Feng Yumei, the leader of Yongguang Church, on June 13, she recounted how the meeting place was established in 1984. It all began when an elderly member regained her health after suffering an illness and became a devout Christian. She proceeded to share the gospel with her neighbors and friends, even turning her home into a meeting place. In June 2000, believers raised funds and purchased a property spanning 220 square meters (0.054 acres) to construct a new chapel.

In October 2015, Pastor Feng was appointed to oversee the church’s management and services. Upon observing the state of the building, she decided to offer her savings of more than 200,000 yuan to the church. So, in 2016, the church hired 146 dump trucks with the funds to fill up the large pit in the churchyard with dirt and planted more than 160 fruit trees to improve the atmosphere.

Later the same year, they had a dedication ceremony for the church. Then, in 2019, ancillary buildings, such as offices, cafeterias, and restrooms, were also established.

In 2020, the church staff dedicated much time to seeking out members who had gone astray or wandered off in the surrounding communities. They even rented cars to transport believers from neighboring towns and villages to attend services, and provided low-income families with much-needed supplies. And this is the story behind the miracle of Yongguang Church, which has grown into a congregation of approximately 200-230 members today.

- Translated by Joyce Leung

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