Number of believers Multiplied, New Church inaugurated in Nujiang, Yunnan

Zion Church
1/3Zion Church
Zion Church
2/3Zion Church
believers gather to worship
3/3believers gather to worship
By Yi YangJuly 8th, 2016

The inauguration of a new church named as Zion-church is just held on July 3 in Nujiang, Yunnan, with a gathering of more than 2000 pastoral staff and believers. 

The new church has A variety of functions, including chapel for worship, center for training and offices for the local CCCTSPM.

The new church belonging to Gongshan CCCTSPM.

Introduced the chairperson of local CCC, Rev. Feng Rongxin that the establishment of Zion Church was officially approved by local government in 1997. The building was started the following year, finished and came into use in 2000. 

Since the believer multiplied year after year after the opening of the Zion Church, more space are needed. After 10 years, the local CCCTSPM planed to build a new, larger church. That is the new Zion Church.

The said newly built church also include a function of training local bible teacher and church workers. 

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