The 4th Christian Charity Art Auction Held in Wuxi Church

The 4th Christian Charity Art Auction of Wuxi Church
The 4th Christian Charity Art Auction of Wuxi Church

Wuxi Church held its yearly calligraphy, painting, and art auction on April 23, after more than a month's preparation.

Zhang Peifu, the senior pastor of the church, presided over the event and well-known painters and calligraphers like Zhao Hongkun, Wu Huansu, Fu Yunfang, and others attended.  In addition, nearly 100 people joined the auction. Over 60,000 RMB was raised to include in a love fund and 18 impoverished people received help on site, including both Christians and non-believers from Wuxi and other cities.

More than 200 exquisite pieces of art from contemporary artists, including calligraphy, painting, sand-fired art, embroidery, and others were donated to the auction.  There were also rare ancient books for sale.  The exhibit preview began on March 19, and there was an "auction without upset" added to the original rule, allowing everyone to bid and there was no base price on each item.

One of the aid recipients, a non-believer surnamed Xu from Baisuifang Resident Community, said, "I truly felt the love and charity from the church, which I've never experienced before.  Thank you for the help.  The church gave us dignity so that we can feel the warmth of society and regain our hope for life."

Translated by: Grace Hubl

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