Shenzhen Churches Closed Again Due to New Covid-19 Cases

Shenzhen Church, in Guangdong Province
Shenzhen Church, in Guangdong Province (photo: Shenzhen Church)
By Zoe Zhang August 18th, 2020

On the early morning of August 14, Shenzhen Luohu Shuibeihema Fresh Supermarket found that two employees had tested positive for COVID-19 and determined to be asymptomatic carriers. The local municipal and district Religious Affairs Bureau issued an emergency notice that all churches in the city would be temporarily closed. Unopened places cannot be opened without authorization.

All churches in Shenzhen that had resumed services issued emergency notices on their WeChat that all Sunday services for August 16 would be canceled. Those who had already made appointments were told not to come to the church. Believers were told to follow spiritual practices at home and pray for the country and their compatriots. We should be vigilant and prevent the infiltration of heresy.

The churches that notified their congregations about the canceling of services included Xiangmihu Church, Gongming Church, Shenzhen Church, Heping Church, Luohu Church, Nanshan Church and Baoan Church in Shenzhen.

Due to the proximity of Dongguan City to Shenzhen, Qingxi Gospel Church also issued a notice that Protestant and Catholic churches were temporarily closed due to the situation in Shenzhen.

The Qingxi church suspended their worship service for August 16th, and will share information on future church services online.

-Translated by Abigail Wu

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