Thursday, July 18th, 2024

Interview With Pastor: Looking Forward to Sacred Music Ministry Taking Root in Chinese Churches

“If a church possesses a well-established sacred music ministry... and is able to actively collaborate with other departments under orderly and effective coordination, as well as establish an overall work plan chart, evaluating and formulating the development direction of music ministry and talent cultivation plans in conjunction with the church’s cyclical development outline, then this church is bound to grow even more rapidly,” said a full-time minister of sacred music at a church in East China.

Urban Churches Step Up to Support Struggling Rural Congregations in China

As urbanization accelerates in China, rural churches are witnessing a decline in attendance and financial support, with younger generations migrating to cities. Urban churches are stepping in to provide aid and resources, helping to sustain and revitalize these struggling rural congregations.

Beijing CC&TSPM Elects New Leadership

A new committee, executive committee, board of supervisors, and leadership team for Beijing CC&TSPM were elected during the 11th Beijing Christianity Conference.

Small Group in Northern Church Gathers at Home

Previously, believers left directly after the sermon in the small group. Now the group encourages young people to utilize their gifts and participate in ministry. This has cultivated a batch of young core members.

Roundtable: Changes in Rural Hometown Churches

During the joyous celebration of the Chinese New Year and the return to their hometowns, the editorial team of the Gospel Times had the opportunity to connect with grassroots churches. They discussed the changes observed in hometown churches during the grand festival.

Introduction of Shangdu Church in Fuzhou

More than a hundred years ago, Christianity was introduced to Fuzhou, and in 1921, the Methodist Episcopal Church built a church named Fumin Church for wood deliverers in Shangdu, Fuzhou.