Pastor Lin Qinmin: God’s Faithful Servant Through Persecution

Rev. Lin Qinmin
Rev. Lin Qinmin (photo: Provided by Dr. Chris White)
By CCD contributor: Lin Muli March 10th, 2018

Pastor Lin Qinmin was born on Aug. 22 in 1904 in Pinghe County of Southern China's Fujian province. His father, Lin Wenfeng was the only preacher in Neerbosch Hospital who was married twice. However, both of his wives died without reason. After that he kept searching for spiritual relief. Under the guidance of Rev. Lin Zhicheng of Banzai Christian Church, father of famous writer Lin Yutang, he converted from Buddhism to Christianity.

When he was 38, he married a maidservant, Lai Chun, introduced to him by Rev. Lin. After their first son, Pastor Lin Qinmin, was born, they gladly took him to church when he was one month old for baptism and decided to dedicate their children as God's servants all their life.

Lin Qinmin went to the same school as Lin Yutang in Mingxin Elementary School founded by Banzai Church. Yutang was a bit older, so his father told him to pick up Qinmin everyday for school no matter what.

Later, Lin's father worked as a preacher in Neerbosch Hospital, so Lin transferred to Yuying Elementary School founded by the church. After graduation, Lin continued his study in Xunyuan School founded by Gulangyu Church. In 1923, Minnan Shengdao School (the school changed its name in 1930 to Minnan Theology Seminary). Lin was in the seventh graduating class.

Lin was the oldest in the family with six younger brothers and one little sister, and his family was rather poor. A small portion of his school fee came from an allowance from his father and aid from a female missionary from Reformed Church in America, RCA. Lin made most of his living costs by working part-time.

Lin frequently used his spare time to preach in Neerbosch Hospital, Xiamen Harbor, Tzengtsu, Xiamen detention house and prison with people from his hometown. He would go back to Pinghe during every winter vacation and mobilize people to start night classes learning words and evangelize with other students like himself.

In July 1926, Lin graduated from seminary. He married Ye Meilian, the only daughter of the housemaster from Yude Female School, one year later. After they were married, he started working as a preacher in Yanxi Church in Changtai County. He showed his articulation in his first sermon, and many people converted.

With the recommendation of Zhangzhou Parish Lin then worked as a preacher in Dongbanhou Church in Zhangzhou in 1930.

Three years later, Lin was ordined as a pastor.

In 1940, Lin was recommended to study in Fukien Christian University. After his theology master's degree, Lin returned to serve in the old church. Dongbanhou Church kept thriving and became the largest church in Fujian Province.

From 1939-1949, Lin worked as chairman in the Zhangzhou Council of the Church of Christ in China with concurrent posts as board of director in Minnan Theology Seminary, Minnan Mission Meeting, and Xunyuan Middle School.

He attended the general meeting of Chinese Church of Christ, which was held every five years.

He lived a simple life and was very humble.

He actively participated in various social activities, like the land reform in the beginning of 1949.

Since the Cultural Revolution in 1966, Pastor Lin was forced to walk the shame parade and called "ghosts and monsters" and "Imperialist' dog" by "the Red Guards." He suffered all kinds of criticism and punishments. He was suspended and had no income. On top of that, he was evicted from the rectory of Dongbanhou Church, in which he'd lived for 35 years.

In his remaining years, he always had high pressure due to overwork. On Sep. 29 1968, he died from a cerebral hemorrhage at age 64.

Lin had 11 children and his offspring also proclaim the Gospel today.

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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