Christian Entrepreneur Set Scholarship in Yanjing Theological Seminary

Yanjing Theological Seminary
1/2Yanjing Theological Seminary
Scholarship Establishment Ceremony
2/2Scholarship Establishment Ceremony(photo: Yanjing Theological Seminary)
By Cindy ZhangJune 22nd, 2016

A new Scholarship is set up in Yanjing Theological Seminar, named after a devout Christian entrepreneur Wang Hongyun.

The establishment ceremony was held June 15th in the chapel of Yanjing Theological Seminary(YTS). 

Gao Ying, Dean of the YTS, addressed during the ceremony that the establishment of the said scholarship owe thanks to brother Wang Hongyun, a devout Christian entrepreneur.

“Glory to be our God and I feel thankful to have this honor and chance,” said Bother Wang in the address during the ceremony, “to serve and to support seminary, hoping to have more workers educated for churches.”

Located in Haidian District, Beijing, Yanjing Theological Seminary is one of the 18 legal seminaries and Bible schools in China.

Theological Seminaries and Bible Schools in China are divided into three levels based on their source of students. For example, the Jinling Union Theological Seminary in Nanjing belongs to Level One, as it recruits from across the nation; Level Two institutions recruit on a regional basis, such as East China Theological Seminary in Shanghai, the Yanjing Theological Seminary in Beijing, etc. Level Three institutions are at the provincial level, such as the Zhejiang Theological Seminary in Hangzhou, the Guangdong Union Theological Seminary in Guangzhou, etc. 

Survey says that the development of Chinese churches has been hampered by the lack of workers with theological training. In rapidly-changing China, churches need more workers who can preach to and nurture believers based on the truth. This requires the provision of theological education.

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