Marriage Counseling: How Do I Know He/ She is "the One"

By Elsie HuDecember 15th, 2016

A single believer may question how he or she knows that the person is "the one" God prepares for him or her. Though many Christians dream marriage, they begin to doubt if the ones they meet are really their future partners.

Ms. Chen, the wife of a pastor from a house church in Hangzhou, shares her ideas on the question:

1. Your prayer request is fulfilled. 

Before entering into marriage, Christian pray and prepare a lot. God hears their prayer, who lets the couple meet at an appropriate time. When that person appears, you will definitely find some responses on him or her, maybe not on the first or second meeting. You will see this more clearly after gradually being familiar with that one.

2. You receive spiritual revelation.

Many Christians may not feel this way. Chen states, "I can't tell the feeling of the spirit. In the beginning (believers) may not have that keen sense, seeing the others as not lovely at all...... But before marrying him, you should have feelings, otherwise, there will be many painful things in marriage, which leads you no further." The spiritual revelation can be that you feel extremely peaceful when being with him or her. 

3.You have a mental mutual affinity with that person.

When it comes to choosing the right one, people always consider external conditions including appearance and family background. But Christians should treat others in the spiritual eyes, able to appreciate their advantages and also tolerate the shortcomings. Moreover, you may have a mutual affinity with that person in some thoughts, ideas and even spirits. 

Chen adds that marriage is not a personal choice but has been prepared by God before the Creation of the world.

Pray always and ask God so that you can identify the right one when he or she appears. She repeatedly mentions, "Let God guide your marriage." 

Translated by: Karen Luo

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